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Butterfly tattoo ideas: many photos and meanings


Butterfly tattoo this is a classic that has never gone out of fashion, and butterflies are often the subject of many "first" tattoos, because they are delicate, feminine, restrained.

It is also a very versatile item suitable for many locations, although the shoulder / back area remains the most popular.

What does a butterfly tattoo mean?

The butterfly has a short lifespan, but still rich and rich. In fact, during his life, he undergoes one of the most radical transformations of nature, transforming from a cocoon into a wonderful creature with multi-colored wings in a fairly short period of time. Hence, butterflies are often associated with Rebirth и change... In Catholic culture, the butterfly represents resurrection and ascent to heaven.

Il The meaning of a butterfly tattoo however, it goes back to even earlier times, more precisely to Ancient Greece. The word "butterfly" actually comes from the Greek "Psyche» name of the goddess of the soul... In fact, many depictions depict Psyche with beautiful butterfly wings, and according to Greek mythology, she fell madly in love with Eros, the god of peace.lovepassions and desires.

The butterfly is also a symbol of nature because of its very light and unearthly beauty, but also a symbol of nature. grace, kindness, tenderness and femininity. butterfly tattoo therefore, they are not only beautiful and suitable for your "first tattoo", but they also have a very deep and personal meaning.

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What is the best arrangement for a butterfly tattoo? 

A butterfly is a very versatile subject. The most popular placement is undoubtedly the shoulder and back, but there is nothing stopping you from placing butterfly tattoo also on fingers, feet, ankles and legs. The result will always be gentle and very feminine.

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