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100 best Aztec tattoos for men (and their meanings)


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Aztec tattoos are some of the most popular tattoo designs for men. In addition to the attractiveness brought about by their unique appearance, Aztec symbols are also often associated with the traditions, beliefs, rituals and gods of this people, making these symbols an even more attractive tattoo option.

Most people who choose Aztec designs for their body art believe that these spiritual and traditional connotations can, in one way or another, give them the same protection and the same positive energy that they experienced. Aztecs when they had the same symbol tattooed.

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On the other hand, some people also consider Aztec symbols as a reflection of your personality or your life experience. And since the Aztecs used symbols as the basis of written communication, you will surely find enough designs to choose for your tattoo to fulfill the function you want.

The meaning of Aztec tattoos

Aztec tattoos can mean different things depending on the design you choose. The rich culture and traditions of this people are strongly reflected in their use of various symbols and meaningful designs. It is this wealth that makes them a great source of expressive body art concepts.

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Usually, an Aztec tattoo symbolizes your belief in mysticism, in the existence of a higher power, nature and its energies. All of these factors are combined in every design, making each one a powerful symbol. Their meaning is determined by the good energies they represent. Be it creation, knowledge, or life in the afterlife, the Aztecs strongly believed that wearing a symbolic image printed in ink on the body could help us win the favor of their gods.

Of course, what we have presented to you is only the main representative meanings of Aztec tattoos. You may have a different perspective on wearing these body compositions that may reflect your personality or your life experiences.

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Types of Aztec tattoos

1. Aztec eagle

The Aztec eagle tattoo is one of the most popular designs in this type of body art, especially because this tattoo represents courage, power and strength, which are the main attributes of any protector - a role usually associated with a man. Historically, tribal warriors were the main carriers of the Aztec eagle. They had this pattern tattooed to symbolize their pride and duty.

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2. Aztec sun

The Aztec sun represents life, light, strength and leadership. The most commonly used symbol for the Aztec sun is the Aztec calendar. The latter contains many images that represent each month and, in different ways, the Aztec sun god, making it the perfect design for men looking for a great piece for a tattoo. People who choose this design often exhibit leadership qualities.

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3. Aztec crocodile.

The Aztec crocodile tattoo is often associated with creativity. The Aztecs believed that this monstrous creature was in fact the first god and that the earth was formed from the body of this terrifying creature. With this belief in mind, it can be said that this tattoo design is the perfect choice for earth innovators looking to create their own products. This symbolic being can help you gather the energy you need to give you the courage to go beyond the norm and create something new.

4. Aztec feathered serpent

The Aztec feathered serpent tattoo depicts the most powerful god of the Aztecs. They believed that Quetzalcoatl was the god of learning, creativity, science, arts and crafts. He was also the patron saint of merchants and priests. Men who know the attributes of this god choose the feathered serpent pattern as their tattoo motif to help them catalyze positive energy around them and bring good luck in their projects.

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5. Aztec warrior

The tattooed image of an Aztec warrior symbolizes the afterlife. This design is often paired with an Aztec eagle. The eagle is the main source of the hero's strength and courage as he begins his journey into the afterlife. This symbolic image is the reason why this type of tattoo is very popular with soldiers or people who risk their lives in the line of duty. These people believe that the symbol of the Aztec warrior will help them gather the useful energy they need to facilitate their transition into the next life.

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Calculation of cost and standard prices

One of the most popular tattoo destinations in France is Paris. There are many renowned tattoo studios in the capital, recognized by various associations of professional tattoo artists. They help protect clients by ensuring they are doing safe body art and setting norms and standards that their members must adhere to.

Some of the most popular studios in Paris calculate their average price based on the size of your Aztec tattoo design. A basic area (approx. 2,5 cm by 2,5 cm) costs around € 60, to which you will need to add € 30 for each new starting area. The head of the studio or tattoo artist can give you a discount depending on the location, size and complexity of the tattoo you want.

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You can also check out the special offers and promotions available for your favorite tattoo studio. The most renowned studios in Paris always offer special offers such as a 6 hour work session from a renowned tattoo artist for € 500. They usually charge € 150 per hour, which means you can save € 400 with this promotion.

On average, a tattoo artist who is a member of an association of professional tattoo artists charges between € 75 and € 150 per hour of work for each drawing. The hourly price varies depending on the artist's skill level and the complexity of the drawing. In some cases, the artist may charge an additional 10-25% for compositions located on more complex or sensitive areas of the body.

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¿Ideal location?

Aztec tattoos can be placed on almost any part of the body. Choosing the perfect tattoo site will depend on various factors such as size, color, pattern, and lifestyle.

Large tattoos like the Aztec eagle or the Aztec calendar are perfect for the back or arms. The space offered by the back or full sleeve allows the tattoo artist to have more leeway and complete design details as best as possible. These locations also give you the opportunity to highlight the best Aztec symbol lines that you want to use for your tattoo.

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It is even easier to choose a place to place a small Aztec motive. For this type of tattoo, you can use your arms, palms, neck, feet, legs, or forearms. Small Aztec designs usually work well on smaller parts of your body because they increase their size.

Your lifestyle should also be an important factor in choosing the perfect tattoo site. If you are constantly working with chemicals or other items that are potentially harmful to your skin, the best place to place your tattoo (so as not to be attacked) is likely to be in your neck, back, and shoulders.

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Tips for getting ready for a tattoo session

- Preparation for an Aztec tattoo session begins with choosing a design. Create the final design of your Aztec artwork and decide where you want to place your tattoo.

- Read the available rules and guidelines, to determine the most reputable tattoo artist in your area or the most recommended tattoo studio in the area. Find a place that specializes in Aztec design. An experienced Aztec tattoo artist can give you great tips to improve your basic concept or design.

- Find out about the base price and hourly rate of your beloved tattoo artist to be financially prepared. This should let you know if you have enough money to pay for the design you want to wear.

- Prepare your skin before your tattoo session. Your skin will become the main background for your body art. If your skin is in poor condition, your tattoo may not be in good shape, so make sure you do your best to keep your skin healthy. Drink plenty of water and eat foods rich in vitamins C, E and A.

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- Shave if necessary. Aztec tattoos are usually done with solid black ink, which is difficult to see on skin full of hair. So, if you are thinking of getting a tattoo on a more hairy part of your body, such as your chest, back, arms or legs, you are strongly advised to shave. Removing existing hairs where you want to place the tattoo will allow you to remove unnecessary obstacles to the tattoo artist's work.

- Eat before going to a tattoo session as it may take a while. While you will be eligible for short breaks during your session, it is best to arrive well prepared so as not to starve during labor.

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Aztec Tattoo Care Tips

Your ability to take care of your new acquisition can affect the future of your tattoo and determine how long it stays bright and vibrant, which in turn will indicate when your tattoo needs touch-up. These are the main reasons why you should learn how to properly care for an Aztec tattoo. To give you an idea of ​​the ideal way to preserve your body art, check out the list of tips below:

- After your tattoo session, make sure you take note of the Dos and Don'ts by the tattoo artist. A good tattoo artist will alert you to the mistakes that beginners in the field usually make and provide valuable advice to help speed up the healing process.

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The healing process of your tattoo is the most important part of the process. This stage requires the most attention and care on your part. Regularly washing your tattoo with antibacterial soap can help it heal faster and prevent unwanted scarring.

Apart from washing your tattoo regularly, you should also remember to apply creams that will moisturize your tattoo and speed up the healing process.

- Once the wound is completely healed, the next step is to find a way to prolong the vibrancy of the color and details of your tattoo. This means you will need to moisturize your skin regularly and apply sunscreen to the design as needed.

The information we have provided you here can help you gain the basic knowledge you will need if you want to get an Aztec tattoo design.

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