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Star tattoo


Since time immemorial, many people have been attracted by the halo of mystery of the stars - mysterious, beautiful and unattainable celestial bodies. That is why the stars characterize immutability, stability and inviolability.

That is why star tattoos have a wide range of meanings, and each of them carries a certain meaning. Also, one of the factors of choice for most of the star is its small size, this sketch is also often used as the first tattoo in life.

History of the tattoo with a sketch of a star

The star is one of the oldest symbols used by different peoples in different aspects of their lives since ancient times. The drawing of a celestial body on a person was used as a designation for a special magical gift. Due to the fact that people could not comprehend the nature of the stars, they endowed them with witchcraft and witchcraft qualities.

The meanings of the star tattoo image

Its meaning also depends on the type of star, so you need to familiarize yourself with the most popular sketches of celestial bodies.

  1. The five-pointed star - this symbol has been familiar to the world for a long period of time. All prehistoric powers, living in different centuries and eras, used the regular pentagon in their culture, and, often, in religion. Therefore, the meaning of the symbol has been preserved - light and kindness, nobility and mercy, serenity and tranquility.
  2. The five-pointed star upside down is a symbol of the devil and devilry
  3. Six-pointed star - this sign characterizes complete solitude and harmony between the two worlds: the spiritual and the physical.
  4. Heptagram - a seven-pointed star originated in the ancient eastern world, and even then it symbolized good luck and success in the near future.
  5. Eight-pointed - such a star means unnecessary luxury or wealth. In paganism, such a heavenly body was called the Star of Svarog, which personifies energy, kindness and goodness.
  6. Nine-pointed star - characterizes the stability established in a person's life. The symbol consists of three triangles that personify the Holy Spirit.
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The meaning of a star tattoo also depends on the type of star a person has chosen. Based on personal tastes, sensations and desires, a person can choose one celestial body, or a combination of certain stars to depict them on his body.

Photo of star tattoo on head

Photo of a star tattoo on the body

Photo of star tattoo on hands

Photo of star tattoo on legs