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Japanese tattoo


Japanese-style tattoos have been incredibly popular for a very long period of time. And even more so, in today's world, when it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a person without any tattoo.

However, most people don't stop at one tattoo. This direction is gaining a new audience every year, and more and more people stuff themselves with various interesting tattoos on their bodies. Many consider Japanese-style tattoos attractive and interesting, but not everyone thinks about the semantic load that such tattoos carry, so it is worth dealing with the most popular variations of sketches.

The meaning of Japanese tattoos

It is worth getting to know more about the different meanings of various tattoos in the style of Japan:

  1. Each tattoo is extraordinary in its own way, but the statistics still allow us to demonstrate which are the most popular sketches and what value is behind them.
  2. “Kintaro” is a drawing of a young man who fought for the independence of the townspeople and for nobility. The Japanese associate such a sketch with decency and righteousness, they use it as an example to follow, hammering it on their bodies, thereby emphasizing their masculinity and courage.
  3. "Japanese lion" - the image symbolizes fortitude and courage. The symbol characterizes its owner as the head of the family and a calm, balanced person.
  4. "Peonies" are a symbol of prosperity and well-being. Such tattoos can also be filled by gamblers who want to demonstrate their luck and dedication to everyone.
  5. “Sakura” - people with such a tattoo have incredible stamina and composure. During the wars in Japan, such tattoos were applied to themselves by warriors.
  6. "Maple Leaves" - this tattoo for everyone means different meanings. What the owner puts into the tattoo means the tattoo for him. However, the main meaning of such a sketch is loving-kindness and eternal aspiration.
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Who can fit such a tattoo?

A Japanese style tattoo is suitable for both women and men. However, it is worth remembering the meaning of the tattoo. The Japanese believe that a stuffed tattoo changes the lifestyle of its owner for the better. The drawing on the body speaks of a change in character in the direction to which the drawing refers, so it is important to choose a suitable image.

Photos of Japanese head tattoos

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