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Eight-pointed star tattoo


Previously, people paid great attention to the sky, and even more so to the stars that are there at night. The eight-pointed star is a symbol of something ancient. And, of course, it doesn't matter whether a man or a woman gets such a tattoo, gender plays absolutely no role.

The meaning of the eight-pointed star tattoo

The eight-pointed star has this meaning:

  1. Constancy, because, as it was said earlier, from ancient times people were interested in the starry sky, and this tradition has not disappeared to this day. There is even a whole science that collects knowledge about arrivals, it is known to everyone and is called astronomy.
  2. The star is a subject that has taken humanity thousands of years to study. She seems to be perfect, because of this, the eight-pointed star can have the meaning of excellence.
  3. It's no secret that people used to explain natural phenomena using everything they saw, trying to somehow connect these two things. Why are the deities not so angry about their faults? Why are there stars in the night sky? It is convenient to compare and explain one unknown phenomenon with the help of another, so people lived calmly and considered the star a symbol of protection, this meaning has come down to our days.
  4. Also, the 8 ends of this symbol say one more thing. If we turn the figure eight, we get the infinity sign - here is another meaning: endless motion, endless life.

Where to beat the eight-pointed star tattoo

There are two main options:

  • hand. It is better to use this part of the body if there is a desire to always see this symbol, and be calm from what it protects and endows with some properties;
  • and on the back it is better to depict such a tattoo in the case when the drawing is supposed to be large, and therefore the eight-pointed star will thus have greater strength.
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Photo of eight-pointed star tattoo on body

Photo of eight-pointed star tattoo on hands