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Valknut tattoo


Valknut (from Scandinavian - "knot of the dead / fallen"). The subject of symbolism of the ancient Scandinavians, representing three triangles intertwined between each other.

This image comes from a hero who is one of the heroes of the mythology of the same people: Hrughnir. He was brave and his heart was stone and had 3 corners. Also associated with this sign is the god Odin, who is the patron saint of the dead soldiers. Does the floor depend on the ability to fill such a tattoo? Definitely not.

This image is worn on their body as a kind of amulet by people, but only those who have knowledge of mysticism, therefore, wearing such a tattoo is highly discouraged for children.

Meaning for men tattoo Valknut

Such a tattoo is worn not only as a protection. It can:

  1. Give a person tests to test and improve their skills;
  2. Allow you to see the weaknesses of enemies;
  3. Give knowledge to overcome difficulties. That is, not to give strength, but to give the opportunity to find it, just like that such a drawing will not do anything to a weak-willed man.

The value of the Valknut tattoo for women

Since valknut is a mystical symbol, representatives of the gentle sex usually prefer not to put such tattoos on their bodies because of fear of the extremely strong magical power of the sign. But those who nevertheless dare want to say the following in this way:

  1. The desire to develop a sense of intuition;
  2. The desire to use and hone other skills that nature has given.

Where to beat the Valknut tattoo

Areas near the heart are an undesirable place to apply valknut, as this sign is mystified and can harm the health of the wearer.

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It is better to choose areas below this organ:

  • legs;
  • wrists;
  • forearms.

In rare cases, the chest is used as a canvas for this tattoo, but as it was written earlier, this is an extremely unfortunate choice: the magical power of the walnut is too strong.

Photo Valknut head tattoo

Photo Valknut tattoo on the body

Stock Foto Valknut tattoo on hands

Stock Foto Valknut tattoo on legs