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Gothic tattoo


Tattoo in the Gothic style, which came to us from the Middle Ages, but is still popular. Let's figure out who applies such tattoos and what they mean.

Stylistic features of Gothic

The Gothic style is presented in the form of dark and gloomy images. More attention is paid to working out shadows and penumbra, and contours and lines are made less pronounced. If inscriptions and phrases are depicted, then they are characterized by angular lines and a small interval between letters. It is important to observe certain and verified proportions in it.

The meaning of a tattoo in the Gothic style

Most often, this can mean belonging to some kind of subculture. Or personal preference for a style that expresses strength, readiness for action, determination. Of course, depending on the phrase, the wearable meaning will change.

Who chooses a tattoo in the Gothic style

Gothic is very popular among the youth of rockers, goths, bikers. Also among people who prefer dark and mystical tattoos. Men often choose this style, but there are quite a few girls with such tattoos.

Options for the execution of a tattoo in the Gothic style

Gothic tattoos can be divided into two parts:

  1. Plots and images.
  2. Inscriptions and expressions.

For plots use:

  • images of mystical creatures - dragons, ravens, mythological creatures, angels, vampires, etc .;
  • occult attributes - crosses, skulls, runes, ornaments, signs, amulets, symbols.
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Each symbol or sign in such a tattoo carries a meaning and is not simply depicted.

The font is executed with wide strokes, dense layout and ragged lines. Ornaments and branches are added to the header lines. The lettering made from Gothic font has a beautiful and breathtaking look.

Places for tattooing in the Gothic style

Suitable for the image of inscriptions and phrases:

  • arm;
  • neck;
  • back;
  • shoulder;
  • chest;
  • legs.

Photo of a tattoo in the Gothic style on the head

Photo of a tattoo in the Gothic style on the body

Photo of a tattoo in the Gothic style on the hands

Photo of a tattoo in the Gothic style on the legs