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Spartacus tattoo


Let's see who chooses Spartacus tattoos and what they mean.

The meaning of Spartacus tattoo

First of all, the Spartans are the ancient warriors of ancient Greece, who became famous throughout the world for their discipline, courage and strength. From childhood, ancient warriors went through a difficult and thorny path, in which they faced only difficulties and blows of fate. And only the strongest, cunning, dexterous and sturdy could endure ordeals and become on a par with the most worthy sons of Sparta. We can say that such a tattoo shows the hard path traveled, which made the owner only stronger.

Who chooses the Spartacus tattoo

With the help of such a drawing, men show their masculinity, strength, unbending will and discipline, as well as cunning, without which more than one Spartan young man could not live to his adulthood. Also, such a tattoo can indicate that the path that has passed did not make it worse, but even stronger.

Women rarely become owners of such a tattoo, but if I choose, it is to show their military character and their inherent qualities.

Spartacus tattoo options

The film "300 Spartans" is rightfully considered the best film about the Spartans. The same goes for tattoos with the main actors of this film, namely Leonidas, whose image was so well executed by actor Gerard Butler. Tattoos are performed in color and black and white. The main attribute of a warrior is a shield and a spear, which are mandatory attributes in the drawing.

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Spartak tattoo sites

Best located in open or large areas:

  • legs;
  • shoulder;
  • wrist;
  • back;
  • chest;
  • stomach.

In general, such aggressive and warlike tattoos will be perfectly located on any area. Impressing everyone with their appearance and character.

Photo of Spartacus tattoo on head

Photo of Spartacus tattoo on the body

Photo of a tattoo of Spartacus on his hands

Photo of a tattoo of Spartacus on his feet