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Tattoo sak yant


The Sak Yant symbol comes from the ancient Vedic culture, the features of which are the application of prayers and spells (the literal translation of Sak Yant is to fill the sacred). And, according to beliefs, such a tattoo has the power of a powerful amulet that protects from danger and changes the qualities of its wearer.

However, for the amulet to work, after application, the monk or shaman must say a certain set of words - a prayer. In ancient China, sak yant was applied to armor or clothing to protect against the enemy.

Who applies the sak yant tattoo

If earlier to get such a tattoo it was necessary to have a high level of spiritual development and be initiated into the religion of Buddhism, now it can be done in any salon.

People who practice Eastern religion and are trying to achieve enlightenment. Or those who like oriental themes and want to become part of its culture. Often such a tattoo becomes the choice of people whose profession is associated with danger.

The meaning of the Sak Yant tattoo

Sak yant tattoo has the meaning of a talisman and a powerful talisman that brings good luck and helps the wearer to change himself. According to beliefs, such a tattoo can greatly change life and change a person internally beyond recognition.

But for it to work, a person must comply with a number of requirements:

  1. Observe chastity.
  2. Do not steal.
  3. Avoid intoxicating substances.
  4. To be honest.
  5. Do not kill or harm.

In addition, a tattoo means the achievement of enlightenment, high morality, wisdom, unity with higher powers, good thoughts and intentions.

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Sak yant tattoo for men

Men put on such a tattoo in order to become better: to develop willpower, to raise self-esteem, to grow old. Tattoo helps in climbing the career ladder and personal self-development.

Sak yant tattoo for women

Previously, only men could apply such a tattoo, but now it is available to women as well. They help themselves with such a tattoo in finding spiritual balance and female wisdom. He also protects from envious and trying to harm people.

Places of tattoo sak yant

The tattoo can be as large, executed over the entire back, chest, leg or arm.

So small:

  • on the wrist;
  • shoulder;
  • neck.


Photo of Sak Yant tattoo on head

Photo of Sak Yant tattoo on body

Photo of sak yant tattoo on hands

Photo of sak yant tattoo on legs