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Planet tattoo


Tattoos depicting the planets of the solar system carry a rather deep meaning, regarding the relationship of all living things, as well as the integrity of the entire Universe. Such body painting characterizes a person not only as an esthete, but also as a kind of philosopher with a very well-developed imagination and a rich inner world.

Tattoos depicting planets are not suitable for everyone, but they convey a purely thoughtful message to those around them and endow the owner of such a masterpiece with incredible charm.

The meaning of the planet tattoo

Tattoos with different planets of the solar system have different meanings, let's try to consider them more specifically.

  • a body drawing depicting the Sun itself can be interpreted in different ways. He can characterize a person as a person with a huge supply of vital energy, or be symbolized with a hot temperament and an incredibly strong spirit;
  • The moon in this regard symbolizes a kind of pacification and will mean that a person is very calm and is a quiet, mysterious contemplator;
  • Jupiter depicted on the body denotes power, power and imperiousness;
  • the planet Mars, depicted on the body, can have two completely different meanings, depending on the sex of a person or his inner convictions. For example, for a man, Mars symbolizes war and will hint at character and courage, and in the case of a woman, the planet rather refers to the God of fertility and means prosperity and good luck;
  • Mercury symbolizes movement and has a lot to do with successful people;
  • our home planet Earth is associated with life, fertility, therefore, will position a person as a person with a good imagination, capable of "giving birth" ideas;
  • Uranus is the planet responsible for the creativity in man, his creativity and ingenuity;
  • the only planet-woman will be related to beauty, therefore, a tattoo with the image of Venus is more suitable for women;
  • Saturn often has a hidden meaning of rejection of everything material, so if a person wants to achieve advancement in a career, such a body pattern should not be applied, although this cosmic moment is sometimes associated with discipline.
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Do not forget about the image of all the planets in a row, which will characterize a person as a diversified personality.
Planet tattoo placements

  • shoulder;
  • forearm;
  • sleeve;
  • brushes;
  • wrist;
  • hip;
  • scapula.

Photo of planet tattoo on head

Photo of planet tattoo on body

Photo of planet tattoo on hands

Photo of planet tattoo on legs