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Tree tattoo


Tattoo depicting a tree. Who chooses such tattoos, and what is the meaning of them.

The meaning of the tree tattoo

The tree is considered an ancient and powerful sign. From time immemorial, the forest and its inhabiting trees have become silent advisers to people. It has age-old wisdom and serenity, so such a tattoo will be considered a sign that balances a person and express his desire to explore the pristine environment.

It will also remind him of the roots and the past, from where everyone went their way, and will serve as a talisman.

The most common and famous interpretations of a tree tattoo: growth, improvement, strength, unity with nature, fertility, the cycle of rebirth and death, finding a balance between the spiritual and physical components. Individual tree elements would mean:

  1. The trunk is the strength to withstand the hardships and difficulties of life; resilience and willpower.
  2. Branches are continuous, closed on themselves, a cycle of beginning and end, life and death.
  3. Roots are the foundation and memory of the past that made a person what he is.

However, the value will change depending on the image of a particular tree. For example:

  • Bamboo is a symbol of youth and rapid growth.
  • Spruce - the meaning of health, longevity and immutability.
  • Willow - contains sorrow and grief.
  • Oak is a rich source of strength and power.
  • Birch is a pure and sacrificial tree.

Tree tattoo for men

A man with the help of such a tattoo shows his unshakable will, inflexibility and loyalty to his ideas, goals and dreams. To show their strength and firmness, images of oak, ash, maple and similar strong and strong trees will help them.

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A man with a multifaceted and versatile personality type can depict a tree with branches branched in all directions. This will indicate not only his wide range of interests, but also his creative nature.

Tree tattoo for women

For girls, a tree tattoo expresses chastity, attractiveness, beauty. And the role of the fruit of a tree in such a picture is to emphasize the function of a woman as a mother and ancestor.

Values ​​of specific trees:

  • Willow - flexibility and resilience in the face of difficulties.
  • Birch - innocence and planning for the future.
  • Apple tree - youth and attraction to the forbidden fruit.
  • Henna - help in finding a child.

Tree tattoo designs

The tree of life is the connection between man and god, a continuous cycle of life and death.

A tree with roots - steadfastness, firmness.

A tree with birds is the source of life.

A tree without leaves is a new beginning, the ability to regenerate.

Places of tattooing a tree

Such tattoos look especially beautiful on the surface of the skin, where the veins are clearly visible:

  • forearm;
  • shin:
  • neck;
  • shoulder;
  • chest;
  • back.

Photo of tree tattoo on head

Photo of tree tattoo on body

Photo of a tree tattoo on his hands

Photo of a tree tattoo on the legs