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Egyptian tattoo


This African country is known to everyone for its deserts, pyramids, mythology, ancient household items, statues, deities. These are some of the most recognizable images. Therefore, people, regardless of gender, often choose such images as their tattoo.

Although in ancient Egypt, before, each class (from rulers to slaves) had the right to depict only certain tattoos (the higher the position, the more opportunities). And even earlier, only women had this privilege, only later did men adopt this "trick".

The meaning of Egyptian tattoos

The meaning of tattoos made in the Egyptian style depends on the specific design. For example:

  • the goddess Isis, "responsible" for the family hearth, children and successful childbirth. More suitable for women;
  • deity Ra, chief among all Egyptian deities. An excellent choice for born leaders;
  • god Set, god of destructive war. Suitable for overly self-confident, militant people;
  • goddess Bastet, goddess of beauty. Means femininity and love;
  • Anubis, the well-known Egyptian deity, the one with the head of a jackal. Weighed the heart of the deceased as a judge;
  • Mummies. In the past, people used to tattoo them to show the meaning associated with resurrection. Now it's just a zombie;
  • Pyramids. The most recognizable part of Egypt. They are associated with some kind of mystery, enigma: people often saw there inexplicable, in the opinion of many - mystical things, but this is unlikely. However, this is one of the most requested images among those who want a tattoo with something Egyptian;
  • The Eye of Horus is a symbol of healing;
  • Eye of Ra. It is believed that it has the ability to pacify enemies and helps in creativity;
  • The Ankh Cross symbolizes protection;
  • Frescoes. As in the case of mummies, they mostly do not carry any meaning, only if it is not a subjective vision of the wearer;
  • Hieroglyphs. Have the meaning corresponding to the spelling (translation);
  • Scarab. It is believed that this beetle is able to help overcome life's difficulties.
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Where is the best place to get Egyptian tattoos

In most cases, the Egyptian image is placed on the hands, often in the form of sleeves.

But in some cases, in such cases, for example, when it is necessary to show the majestic god Anubis in all his glory, he can be stuffed on his back to show his imperiousness.

Photo of Egyptian tattoos on the body

Photo of Egyptian tattoos on hands

Photo of Egyptian tattoos on legs