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Angel girl tattoo


Let's see what the angel girl tattoo means and what meaning it has.

An angel can mean the bright and kind part of a person, his good intentions and thoughts. Angel Girl is an even purer and more virgin version of an angel. It can mean a guardian angel that a person imagines. Such a tattoo will serve as a talisman against the evil encountered on the way of a person, and will be a symbol of a person's aspiration for the good side.

Who is tattooing an angel girl

First of all, these are believers. And those who strive for the good side and yearn for forgiveness for their sins.

Angel girl tattoo meaning for men

Men with such an image can show their inner struggle between good and evil, and this drawing will be a guiding star for a person where he should go. Men emphasize with such a tattoo their kind and gentle disposition, at least the desire for such, their kindness and benevolence. But an angel girl can be portrayed in a warlike guise, then, despite all the outward kindness, a person shows his firm, warlike qualities. And it matters that goodness must be strong.

Angel girl tattoo meaning for women

Women show their kind-hearted and gentle nature. The angel girl shows the ideal that the owner wants to strive for. But at the same time, a firm and strong will, without which it is impossible to come to the good side.

Angel girl tattoo designs

Only wings can be depicted, or the struggle between an angel and a demon, more vulgar versions of an angel girl, in which the meaning changes significantly. They depict a warrior angel, an angel of death with a scythe and a black "bag" on his head.

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Angel Girl Tattoo Places

People who apply an angel most often do not want to show it to everyone around them, but wear it in closed places:

  • back;
  • chest;
  • stomach;
  • shoulder;
  • wrist;
  • legs.

Photo of Angel Girl Tattoo on Body

Angel Tattoo On Hands

Photo of tattoo girl angel on legs