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Who is better for a crane tattoo


Drawings of birds as tattoos on the body are chosen by both men and women.

But many self-confident, strong-minded men prefer to choose the images of birds of prey as a body amulet. They are confident that such a talisman can save them from many hardships and troubles.

What can not be said about the crane tattoo - such a picture is chosen equally by men and women. On the muscular male body, the image of this bird takes on a somewhat warlike look, on the female curves the crane looks gentle and romantic.

There are no special rules in choosing a place to apply a crane tattoo. Such a pattern will be appropriate both on the back and chest, as well as on the shoulder and hip. It is important to choose the right proportions according to your body constitution.

Larger tattoos will look more effective in a large space, small birds are appropriate on small areas of the wrist, shoulder, ankles.

What does crane tattoo mean?

It is impossible to unequivocally determine the meaning of a crane tattoo, because in different countries this bird was endowed with different qualities: wisdom, loyalty, longevity. Such symbols are attributed to the bird by the Japanese.

The Chinese are sure that the cranes symbolize immortality - this people draws an analogy to the birds that take the human soul into being.

It would seem that all the symbolism of birds is completely positive. But this is not the case. For example, the Indians associate cranes with images of traitors. Therefore, the meaning of the crane tattoo in this country takes on a completely different - negative meaning.

Europeans today deify cranes, considering them to be the harbingers of joyful events and future changes for the better, for prosperity and prosperity.

People of different professions, religions and moral principles decorate their bodies. Although, as tattoo masters note, such a drawing is most often chosen people with a balanced, docile character, devoid of cunning and expression, endowed with an active life position.

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If a young girl puts such a picture on her body, then she most likely wants to emphasize her innocence and tenderness, love for the parental home. Men are more likely to try to express their courage and fearlessness.

Recently, the image of a paper crane - origami, as a symbol of weightlessness and ease of relations, has been especially popular.

Photo of a crane tattoo on the body

Photo of a crane tattoo on the arm

Photo of Crane Tattoo On Leg