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Jupiter tattoo


It is believed that the application of signs and images to the body can radically change the fate of a person, have an impact on events in life. Having decided on a tattoo, you need to carefully approach the choice of a symbol. If you do not put anything into it or make an abstract meaningless drawing, then it will mean nothing. The tattoo of Jupiter has a strong meaning.


Jupiter came to us from ancient times. In Roman mythology, the supreme God with this name personified strength and power. Like Zeus, he threw lightning and thundered, showing his displeasure. His capabilities included rewarding people with rainfall or punishing drought.

The largest planet in the solar system was named after the Roman deity. Jupiter is composed of hydrogen and helium. Prolonged eddies are observed on it. It is airy, unstable.

Each planet is closely related to horoscopes. This does not become a popular topic for tattoo art. Photos of the Jupiter tattoo show that each master brings his own nuances and creates individual masterpieces that unite the planet and zodiac sign... Jupiter patronizes Sagittarius.

Jupiter has long been designated by the letter Z. It symbolizes zinc, Thursday, a perennial plant. Jupiter tattoo brings good luck and wealth.

To whom does

Jupiter tattoo is suitable for people with the following character traits:

  • Windiness;
  • imperiousness, inner strength;
  • quick temper;
  • zodiac sign Sagittarius;
  • passion, love for change.

Jupiter tattoo suits both men and women. It looks great in a colorful and vibrant design. The image is done in different styles, reflecting the character traits of the wearer.

Photo of Jupiter tattoo on head

Photo of Jupiter tattoo on the body

Photo of Jupiter tattoo on hand

Photo of Jupiter tattoo on the leg