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The meaning of a tattoo with berries


Tattoos on the body of each person are not accidental, each of them contains certain information that carries the inner desires and aspirations of its owners.

For example, images of berries. For the most part, girls choose such wearable designs. Like everything feminine, they are associated with love, sex and passion.


The cherry tree was brought to Italy by the Roman general Lucullus from the shores of the Black Sea. The tree was revered for the beauty of flowers and the extraordinary taste of berries. For example, in Japan, the cherry blossom is a symbol of the class samurai, and the Chinese see it as a cultural sign.

In the tattoo with the image of a cherry, an erotic note is guessed - the unique juice of the berry reminds of the taste of first love.
The intense and dense color of the picture literally screams about the desire of its owner. Cherries hanging on a branch symbolize purity and purity.

If the barrel is bitten off from the berry, this indicates the loss of innocence. A cherry tattoo on the buttock of an attractive girl is of genuine male interest. This is perceived as openness and readiness for new acquaintances..

Strawberry - the owner of such a pattern positions herself as a passionate nature, experienced in amorous affairs. This is a lover of intimate conversations and endless lovemaking.

Even in ancient Rome, strawberries personified the Goddess of Love - Venus. This once again confirms that strawberries are a symbol of voluptuous pleasures.
Usually, girls fill tattoos in the form of a strawberry on open areas of the body - near the navel, on the buttock or on the lumbar region.

Bunch of grapes

Such an image looks interesting on a man's body. It indicates that its owner is lucky, his affairs are developing and going uphill. The grapes go well with other designs.

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An apple will say that its owner succumbs to temptation (would not mind drinking alcohol, smoking, etc.)

Raspberries are a symbol of attraction, but also of caution. The image has thorns and berries at the same time, which means a willingness to experience new love feelings, despite the fact that the previous relationship brought problems. Representatives of the female half who have learned life choose a sketch of a raspberry in the form of a juicy and ripe berry, and young girls choose a raspberry hanging on a twig. Which means inexperience in love and the desire to learn the science of love.

Watermelon says that the owner of the tattoo is just a happy person who happily meets every new day.

Photo of a tattoo with berries on the head

Photo of a tattoo with berries on the body

Photo of a tattoo with berries on the arm

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