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The meaning of the apple tattoo


The image of an apple has ancient roots and is dedicated to one of the goddesses of Rome, who cast a spell on people and made them fall in love with the opposite sex, leading a person to misfortune.

The meaning of the apple tattoo

Among shooting enthusiasts, the apple is a symbol of precision and is often depicted in the center of a target. Apple tattoo symbolizes:

  • sweet passion;
  • love;
  • temptation;
  • fertility;
  • the fall.

If the tattoo design contains the image of a playful worm that looks out of an apple, then this may mean that the person's character is a little spoiled. Thanks to biblical stories image of a bitten fruit personifies the fall or weakness that a person shows towards the opposite sex. Do not confuse the bitten apple, which is the symbol of the famous computer company Apple. Today, many people stuff themselves with this emblem, as a sign of love for a famous trademark.

The meaning of an apple tattoo that hangs on a tree can be interpreted as an image of love and fertility. A blossoming apple tree is a symbol of pure love. Thus, you can depict an apple tree in the picture, and fill the name of your beloved side by side.

Photo of apple tattoo on head

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