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Lunnitsa tattoo


Lunnitsa is always considered exclusively a symbol of the feminine gender. It is rather strange to understand that it should only be applied by women. Moreover, esotericists recommend applying a tattoo of this kind only during the growing moon in the crescent phase. This amulet is dedicated to the goddess Mara, who is responsible for fertility.

The Lunnitsa tattoo has a very soft energy: it cannot harm its wearer. She will bring only positive changes to life. It is recommended to apply tattoos using bright colors, but not aggressive shades. For example, it will be better if the tattoo is done in pink, blue or yellow tones.

The meaning of the Lunnitsa tattoo

A tattoo in the form of a Lunnitsa is primarily a symbol of a Slavic female amulet. But there are several more meanings of this figure:

  1. She will help you find love, create a strong family for years to come.
  2. For those who want to get pregnant, with such a tattoo it will come faster and go much easier than expected.
  3. Of course, such a female image will help develop intuition and enhance or improve the ability of clairvoyance.
  4. It also helps maintain youthfulness and softens the tough temperament of some women.
  5. Helps defend against surrounding energy vampires.
  6. It is especially noteworthy that the tattoo in the form of a thin Lunnitsa with two horns, its action is aimed at developing femininity and improving the soft features of the wearer.
  7. But the image of a fat Lunnitsa suggests that inside it you can additionally draw magical symbols, which will undoubtedly only improve its effect.
  8. The closed Lunnitsa, at which the ends are connected, indicates that the bearer has an Orthodox vision of life, such a tattoo is suitable for believers.
  9. If the crescent has 3 horns, it means the connection of times - past, present and future.
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Where is the best place to place the image of Lunnitsa

Those who decide to get such a tattoo need to study in more detail all types of this image. Because this is not only a beautiful image, but also an amulet that carries special properties and can help change life for the better. It is best to wear the pattern on:

  • right shoulder;
  • wrist;
  • thigh.

Men should not make an image of Lunnitsa, whose horns look down.

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