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Calm tattoo


There are people who strive for something extreme, active, but calmness is also what a large number of people dream about. At any age, a person may want not to be disturbed, to be left alone, alone with his thoughts, regardless of whether he is a man or a woman.

The meaning of the tattoo symbol of tranquility

There are many symbols for tranquility, mainly animals and plants, but there are exceptions.


  1. Salamander. People who used to study the very popular "science," alchemy, believed that this lizard had the same ability to purify anything like fire and brimstone;
  2. Turtle (including the Polynesian turtle). Many have seen this animal at least in pictures and videos. How it moves slowly. The turtle is protected by a shell from external threats, in most cases it is calm;
  3. Panda. This beast is also known to many. He doesn't like to move a lot, he likes to lie more, chewing on the next branch of bamboo;
  4. The elephant is also a slow animal, it is strong and is not afraid of threats from the outside, it is calm, it has nothing to fear, and there is nowhere to rush;
  5. A horse is a runner who can travel long distances, feel calm: he can hardly become someone's victim at such a speed.


Lily. This flower is carefree on a water lily growing in the lake and only very rare waves created by the wind, animals or even people can disturb it.


Dream Catcher. This attribute helps people when they have bad dreams, it "catches" them and allows a person to be calm.

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Where is the best place to place a tattoo of a symbol of tranquility

Such symbols should be applied to the part of the body where you want. Do you want to show it to everyone? Then it is better to hit on the arm or neck. And if a person wants to hide such a tattoo, then the best choice is the chest, collarbone, back.

Photo of a tattoo symbol of tranquility on the head

Photo of a tattoo symbol of calmness on the body

Photo of a tattoo symbol of tranquility on the hands

Photo of a tattoo symbol of calmness on the legs