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Tattoo carpe diem


Let's take a look at what the carpe diem tattoo means and who chooses it.

The meaning of the carpe diem tattoo

In Russia, tattoos in the form of an inscription in foreign languages ​​are popular: English phrases, Japanese and Chinese hieroglyphs, Arabic and Latin expressions. We will talk about the latter.

Carpe diem tattoo translated from Latin means “live in the moment”, “seize the moment”. It has a related concept with the expression memento mori, which means "remember death." But the former is presented in more positive tones and shades.

Who chooses carpe diem tattoo

Men and women choose such tattoos to show their love of freedom and love for life: the present moment is of the most important importance, since life is a process, and you should enjoy every moment of it in the present.

This is the philosophy of the carpe diem tattoo, in contrast to the memento mori, which indicates the correctness of the whole life.

Carpe diem tattoos are chosen by people who do not want too large and voluminous drawings, but want a more concise and weighty one. Or he chooses as the first tattoo, when a guy or a girl is still afraid to do them, but really wants to.

Carpe diem tattoo designs

The inscription carpe diem is performed together with animals and objects that denote time or freedom. For example:

  • clocks, which are ordinary or hourglass, indicate a moment in time;
  • the bird - to its freedom;
  • feather and butterflies - for the ease of life and the present moment;
  • the sun as the subject of a new day, a new moment.
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But most often, such a tattoo is applied as a separate phrase.

Carpe diem tattoo locations

Such a tattoo is best located in an open place, but in other places it will look no less advantageous. Places for application:

  • chest;
  • neck;
  • wrist;
  • legs;
  • ankles;
  • caviar;
  • shoulder.

Photo of carpe diem tattoo on head

Photo of carpe diem tattoo on body

Photo of a carpe diem tattoo on his hands

Photo of carpe diem tattoo on legs