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The meaning of a thistle tattoo


Thistle is a plant that has different symbolism in different cultures. For example, the thistle is the symbol of Scotland. This not very remarkable flower, according to legends, has a particularly combative character. And its name suggests that the plant is able to fight not only with people, but also with evil spirits! That is why a thistle tattoo is considered a talisman against the evil eye, damage and other people's bad thoughts.

But in Christian culture (where militancy is not honored, because the Christian's ideal is humility), thistle means sin and the associated sorrow. However, it was from him that the crown of Jesus was woven, and therefore the plant can symbolize the sufferings of Christ.

Thistle advises caution

A painting of a thistle can symbolize rigor and firmness... A thistle tattoo warns both others and the owner himself. The first ones are advised to be careful, because the motto of the Scottish Order of the Thistle is: "No one will anger me with impunity." But the owner of the tattoo should not get involved in dubious and dishonest deeds, because they will inevitably be punished.

Thistle tattoo placements

Thistle on a tattoo is a bright and unusual solution. Moreover, you can score almost any part of the body! Grow a thistle on an arm or leg. It will look especially elegant along the spine. Experts advise choosing a color tattoo: a rich purple flower is crowned with dark green elastic stems.

Photo of a thistle tattoo on the body

Photo of a thistle tattoo on the arm

Photo of a thistle tattoo on the leg