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Tattoo knife


Knife tattoos are not a very common occurrence, although even a novice master can fill such a simple drawing.

Who makes the knife tattoo

Gender, age and other criteria do not matter, everyone can walk with such an image, it all depends only on the character traits of a person.

The meaning of a knife tattoo for men

If you look from one side, the knife is a weapon, and from the other side it is a kitchen utensil. What can such a drawing speak about if it is on the body of a man? Here are the main meanings:

  1. Hard temper.
  2. Power.
  3. Willingness to use physical force in any situation and to protect others.
  4. Sharp as a knife-edge intellect.
  5. Protected from evil spirits. Ancient rituals were often associated with sacrifice; a knife was indispensable. Also, a knife was placed in the cradle for babies in order to protect them from evil spirits.
  6. Masculinity.

If you follow Buddhist views, then such a tattoo may mean that the person wearing it despises greed and for him moral values ​​are higher than moral ones.

Previously, every pirate with at least a little bit of authority did not allow himself to walk without a knife, and these people, as everyone knows, are very courageous and decisive.

The meaning of a knife tattoo for women

Most often, representatives of the gentle sex depict drawings of a knife with lace on their bodies. This also speaks of the femininity of the owner. Also about her dedication and ability to stand up for herself.

Where is the best place to beat a tattoo with a knife

Such tattoos are mainly placed on the arm, since this weapon is used precisely with the help of this part of the body. But besides this, before, when people were afraid that they could be killed at any moment, they wore blades in their sleeves in order to be ready to fight back at any moment. It was from those times that the tradition began, following which men shake hands with each other, wanting to show that they did not have a knife.

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Photo of a knife tattoo on the head

Photo of a knife tattoo on the body

Photo of knife tattoo on hands

Photo of tattoo knife on legs