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Nun tattoo


The meaning and symbolism of a nun tattoo. Let's take a look at what it means to depict a girl who renounced worldly life and seeks reassurance in spiritual service.

The meaning of a nun tattoo

A nun is a girl seeking spiritual enlightenment and union with higher powers. She is distinguished by modesty, meekness and solitude. Previously, nuns lived remotely from society and rarely interacted with them. Therefore, the image of a classic nun means:

  • modesty;
  • peace of mind;
  • increased willpower and strong faith;
  • in some cases, renunciation of worldly goods;
  • pacification;
  • striving to help your neighbor.

Nun tattoo for men

For the stronger sex, such a tattoo can mean his belonging and sympathy to religion. Express his altruistic impulses, humble behavior, strong spiritual development. Such a tattoo shows that his bearer is strong in body and spirit, but he will not behave defiantly and be proud of it, but will follow his goal confidently and quietly.

Nun tattoo for women

Girls can express with such a drawing their chastity, modesty, faith and belonging to a highly spiritual society. The nun radiates a strong will and a soft, kind appearance. And we can say it expresses: "a soft word - the bone aches."

Distorted meaning of nun tattoo

Adding other elements, exposing the virgin in a different setting completely or partially changes the meaning and message that carries in itself. For example:

  • a nun with wounds and traumas - comprehension of faith through torment and suffering;
  • a nun with bloody streaks from his eyes - overcoming a difficult path in which there is a lot of pain and suffering;
  • a nun with a blindfold / white pupils - knowledge of the world through inner feelings;
  • a nun mocking everyone - a mockery and mockery of religion;
  • a nun along with a demonic creature - an ambiguous attitude towards faith, an attraction to temptation;
  • a nun with a flirting and sly expression on her face - the desire to control and manipulate others;
  • a nun in a vulgar form - a wolf in sheep's clothing, a chaotic, fickle character;
  • a nun with a face distorted with anger is not a recognition of virtuous qualities in religion.
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Places of tattooing a nun

This tattoo has many modifications, types, sizes, related items. Therefore, it can be applied on the following places:

  • back;
  • chest;
  • legs;
  • shoulder;
  • wrist.

Photo of a nun tattoo on her body

Photo of a nun tattoo on her hands

Photo of a tattoo of a nun on her feet