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Tattoo letter a


The tattoo can be in the form of a drawing of any style and color, but also some people prefer laconic tattoos in the form of letters, for example A.

Inscriptions in tattoos are quite a popular type of drawing on the body. And if some write inscriptions with meaning, while others prefer only one specific letter. The meaning of this letter is laid down by the owner of the tattoo. But there are also general semantic loads on tattoos with the letter A.

The meaning of the letter A tattoo for men and women

For both men and women, a tattoo with the letter A will have the same meaning, which is as follows:

  1. Championship. Since in most alphabets of the world, the first letter is exactly A, or similar to it. Also, the letter A is similar to the triangle symbols and the numbers 1.
  2. Religious overtones. In Buddhism, the letter A symbolized the transfer of divine knowledge to people. In Christianity, the alpha symbol has great meaning and great wisdom. In Hinduism, the sound A is the first of three (AUM), which personifies the entire Universe, the beginning of all beginnings and the great wisdom of the world.
  3. Of course, such a tattoo can be personal. For example, the first letter of the name of the owner of the tattoo or a person close to him: a loved one or a child.

Places for tattooing with the letter A

A tattoo with the letter A will suit an energetic, self-confident and purposeful person.

The place to apply such a tattoo can be any, as well as the size. Someone will choose a miniature tattoo and apply it in a secluded place, away from prying eyes. And someone will make the opposite of the letter A large and apply on an open area of ​​the body.

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Letter A Tattoo On Head

Letter A Tattoo On Body

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