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Alice in Wonderland Tattoo


This tale was written by Lewis Carroll (pseudonym), who lived in England. In addition to the fact that this man became quite popular and loved by many as a writer, he was also a mathematician, "a talented person is talented in everything."

This work is very popular among both young people and adults, therefore, such tattoos can be done by people belonging to any age category.

The meaning of the tattoo Alice in Wonderland

It all depends on what character you want to "fill" yourself:

  • The Cheshire cat has a very wide smile, which was seen by everything that speaks of the cheerfulness and good intentions of its bearer;
  • Alice herself, the main heroine of the fairy tale, is exceptionally faithful, loving, polite, intelligent, which testifies to the highest ethical and aesthetic qualities of a person who has such a pattern on his body;
  • The white rabbit is the complete opposite of the previous character. The most important quality that Lewis Carroll distinguishes in him is non-punctuality: he is constantly late somewhere;
  • The Hatter is a character who adds even more absurdity to the fairy tale (although he is enough without this hero), he is a madman. Its appearance on the human body in the form of a tattoo, most likely, speaks of human instability, its variability and sharpness;
  • Queen of Hearts. This is the antagonist (the opposite of the protagonist - the main character). She is always angry, furious, strives to cut off someone's head, has a shrill cry. Which speaks about the corresponding qualities of the tattoo wearer with such an image.
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Which part of the body should be tattooed Alice in Wonderland

A tattoo with characters from the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland" should be depicted where everyone will see it (the best option is a hand), so that others can immediately judge your character, only seeing your tattoo.

Photo of tattoo Alice in Wonderland on the head

Photo of tattoo Alice in Wonderland on the body

Photo of tattoo Alice in the camp of miracles on the hands

Photo of tattoo Alice in Wonderland on the legs