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The meaning of the swastika tattoo


It is a mistake to believe that a swastika tattoo carries a negative connotation. This is an ancient Slavic symbol that carries only a positive mood. It was borrowed by Nazi Germany for propaganda purposes during the Great Patriotic War.

The meaning of the swastika tattoo

In ancient times, people meant by the swastika the movement of the sun in the sky. At the same time, the symbol was depicted in various versions. Each performance carried a deep meaning and had a meaning separate from the rest of the images. The drawing could be seen on banners, Slavic clothing, weapons, spinning wheels and other products. It was often used to decorate architectural structures to bring only good luck to the owner.

Slavic peoples often encrypted in their symbolism natural and space processes... This is also reflected in the art of applying underwear. The meaning of the swastika tattoo can be revealed as the natural cycle of things in the physical and spiritual world. These include:

  • alternation of seasons;
  • change of day and night;
  • ebb and flow;
  • the birth of a person and his death.

Our ancestors perceived time and all life in the universe as cycle changewhich are closely related to each other. This is the basis for all swastika tattoo sketches.

The standard image of this symbol is made in the form of a cross with curved ends that follow each other in a clockwise direction. The number of these ends can be different. People who want to stuff their bodies with a tattoo of the Slavic swastika, basically put such images in the picture as:

  1. kindness;
  2. a life;
  3. the sun;
  4. happiness;
  5. health.

When choosing a swastika tattoo of a certain type, first make sure of its true meaning. Images of the swastika can be similar to each other, but at the same time they have a completely different meaning. The customer must know exactly what value his image will carry. After all, this drawing will remain with him until the end of his life and will say that a person is directly related to Slavic culture. Before filling such a symbol, you should think about the size and color. Swastika tattoos can be supplemented with other Slavic symbols, which will give the picture a more aesthetic look.

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Photo of swastika tattoo on body

Photo of swastika tattoo on hand

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