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Pig and boar tattoo


The image of a pig for tattoos is not popular. The pig is an ambiguous animal. Different religions have different attitudes towards this beast. In Buddhism, the pig is considered a sacred animal, while in Islam it is dirty and vicious.

The meaning of the boar and pig tattoo

The boar symbolizes exactly the opposite things: greed and prosperity, anger and passion.

Pig tattoos are divided into two types:

  1. The first type is a sweet, cheerful creature, mostly pink in color, which evokes emotion and testifies to the dreaminess of the nature of its owner, about a cheerful character, about the absence of fear of appearing funny in the eyes of others, about a sense of humor. The little pink tattoo will amuse those around you. A free attitude towards life, optimism and a positive life are the distinctive characteristics of the owner of a tattoo.
  2. The second type - an overly spiteful and frightening image of a wild boar, often with traces of blood, testifies to the determination of its owner, aggressiveness, a certain resentment towards the world around him.

The meaning of the tattoo also depends on whether the image of a domestic pig or a wild boar is used. The domestic pig is considered a symbol of wealth, fertility, prosperity, but at the same time, the animal was endowed with such negative characteristics as anger, greed, lust. Wild boar symbolizes aggression, endurance, family loyalty.

In China, animals are not divided into wild and domestic animals. Therefore, the same tattoo can be interpreted in different ways. The domestic pig is associated with sacrifice and meekness, while the boar symbolizes courage. By stuffing a boar tattoo, a person shows his courage, courage, wisdom, cunning and dexterity that are characteristic of the beast.

Photo of boar and pig tattoo on body

Photo of boar and pig tattoo on hand