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Candle tattoo


The candle tattoo appeared a long time ago. A few centuries ago, the first mentions of such tattoos were recorded in Europe.

The wearable drawing of a candle itself means only one thing - a ray of hope, a guiding lightaccompanying a person throughout his life. Such a tattoo reminds a person of the transience of life.

The meaning of a candle tattoo

Today there are many types of candle tattoos, each of which has a special meaning. The most popular options for wearable designs and their meanings should be cited as an example:

  • A candle tattoo with dripping drops of wax is usually done in memory of the deceased person.
  • The event, which greatly influenced the further life and fate of the owner of the drawing, is embodied in the form of a small fading cinder.
  • Tin candles, accompanied by other church or religious attributes, speaks not only of the piety of the owner of the tattoo, but also of his faith in the human soul and the power of knowledge.
  • Images of a candle are often made on their bodies by people who have given part of their lives to places of imprisonment.

A tattoo can also have a different meaning if you make it from your own original sketch.

Photo of a candle tattoo on the body

Photo of a candle tattoo on the arm