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Tattoo paws


Animal paws are a fairly simple tattoo option. Paw tattoos are applied by both men and women.

The only difference is whose paw is shown in the figure. Females prefer small cat footprints, while males prefer the paws of larger animals. Cat footprints look playful, sexy and unobtrusive.

The meaning of paw tattoo

We will consider the meaning of tattoo traces based on which predators they belong to:

  • Tattoo bear trail symbolizes strength and power... Often applied along with the animal's claw marks. Many peoples associate the bear with mysticism. It is also a sign of wisdom and generosity.
  • Wolf footprint tattoo symbolizes loneliness. The wolf is also associated with loyalty, dedication, and the ability to adapt. Men with such a tattoo for a very long time choose a companion for themselves, but having chosen, they always remain faithful to her.
  • Tiger paw tattoo means strength and fearlessness. The drawing can also act as a symbol of success.
  • Cat footprints symbolize self-confidence, strength, and independence. It can be either one or several prints, or a whole track. Can be placed on any part of the body.

Wolf paw tattoos are very common among men who know their worth and are looking for a decent pair. They often doom themselves to loneliness.

Places of tattooing paw marks

A bear paw tattoo can be applied to any part of the body, as long as other elements are used. The choice of color is limited to black or brown. In bright colors of a tattoo, paw marks do not look very favorable.

By and large, such tattoos do not carry a strong semantic load, therefore, having rethought their own values ​​or ideas, it will not have to be redone due to inconsistency. In order for the picture to not become blurred over time, animal prints should not be made very small. The paws are easiest to remake into another tattoo if they bother you.

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Photo of paw tattoo on head

Photo of tattoo paw prints on the body

Photo of tattoo paw prints on the arm

Photo of tattoo paw prints on the leg