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Scandinavian tattoos


A tattoo is not only a beautiful body decoration, but also a kind of visiting card of the owner. For a long time, only representatives of certain professions had the right to apply individual tattoos.

A separate role is played by images endowed with a deep sacred meaning, a kind of amulets. This is a tattoo with ancient signs, most of which have Northern European roots.

Scandinavian tattoos are divided into two types:

  • The first type is magical weaves and patterns based on 24 runes.
  • The second type - images of animals and Scandinavian gods in strict accordance with the mythology of the Scandinavians.

Scandinavian rune tattoos are quite difficult to understand and have a deep sacred meaning. It was believed that the runes able to change the fate of a person... An incorrectly selected drawing could lead to the death of the owner. Scandinavian runes are among the most ancient. A large number of scientists were involved in decoding them, but there is no single interpretation.

Scandinavian runes and their meanings

Runes are endowed with positive and negative energy. Those that symbolize destruction, aggression, determination should not be used for constant application to the body. There are six magic symbols that are designed to help a person in the implementation of his plan, create protection from enemies, and help develop abilities.

  1. Lagu - designed to increase the level of vitality, develop intuitive abilities.
  2. Ur is a sign of change. It brings new circumstances to the life of the owner, contributes to the maintenance of health at a good level.
  3. Thorn - symbolizes new beginnings. According to esoteric experts, the symbol brings good luck, protects against ill-wishers, neutralizes the negative influence of opponents, and helps in love magic.
  4. Ken is a sign of healing. Brings physical health, love, stability in relationships, protects values.
  5. Jera - helps to carry out plans.
  6. Man - used to receive help from others, to develop mental abilities.
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Tattoos in the form of Scandinavian runes are applied by men and women, regardless of profession, hobbies and position in society. Mostly symbols are drawn with black or dark gray paint. Bright colors are not commonly used in Scandinavian tattoos. The runes themselves are small, so they are applied on the wrist, legs, on the back of the neck, on the shoulder, and on the forearm. Variants on the back can be seen as part of the composition. In addition to runes, complex weaves and patterns are applied.

The meaning of Scandinavian tattoos is controversial. Initially, runes can bring success to the owner and help in overcoming any situations, but luck cannot last forever. Many experts advise against using runes in permanent tattoos, because over time their influence becomes more and more, and it turns out that a person does not live his own life. If that doesn't stop you, below is a huge collection of Scandinavian tattoo photos.

Photo of Scandinavian head tattoos

Photos of Scandinavian body tattoos

Photo of Scandinavian arm tattoos

Photo of Scandinavian leg tattoos