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Bumblebee tattoo


Bumblebee belongs to the bee family. Its function is to pollinate plants during the flowering period. In his behavior, he resembles a bee. The difference is only in appearance and size. The insect flies measuredly, unhurriedly, which distinguishes it from a bee or a wasp. It is generally accepted that the bumblebee is a purely male tattoo due to its large size and sluggishness.

The meaning of the bumblebee tattoo

According to tattoo owners, the bumblebee is the most positive character among all insects. The meaning of a bumblebee tattoo is self-confidence and self-confidence, in the use of honest methods of struggle. A person with such a tattoo never throws words to the wind, makes all decisions deliberately and carefully. You can be sure that such a person will not stab in the back, you just have to turn around.

The tattoo looks very stylish in color. You can depict one insect or create a whole composition. Images of flowers are often used as a demonstration of the insect's habitat and its significance in nature.

Bumblebee tattoo sites

A small bumblebee is conveniently located above the bone on the leg, or on the wrist. Larger compositions are placed on the shoulder or shoulder blade. Despite the massiveness of the insect, women often choose it for a tattoo.

Photo of bumblebee tattoo on leg

Photo of bumblebee tattoo on hand

Photo of bumblebee tattoo on body

Photo of bumblebee tattoo on head