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What does a rose tattoo with a dagger mean?


The first tattoos could be found in the XNUMXth century in Europe. Attracting attention with painted leather has become the main goal of the artists of balagan theaters. Interesting and vivid images were so popular that ordinary people also showed a desire to decorate their bodies. The first tattoo workshops appeared in Paris, and soon the fashion for a painted body passed into the criminal world, where each tattoo symbolized a certain status and meaning.

The meaning of the rose tattoo with a dagger

In different religions, the image of a rose has its own meaning. For Christians, a flower meant mercy, for Buddhists it was a symbol of the trinity of truth, and in Islam it meant shed blood.

Depending on which image the rose is combined with, the tattoo has its own meaning. But the main symbol of the flower, especially in the Western world - love and beauty... A delicate flower is the most popular image and is in demand not only by girls, but also by most men.

Dagger Rose Tattoo Placements

Applying a rose in combination with a dagger deepens the meaning of the picture. This image symbolizes crazy passionate feelings. Often, such works are popular among young people during periods of strong love. Place a tattoo on the forearm or arm.

When applying a love symbol, it is important to consider the color of the picture. Each rose color in a tattoo symbolizes a certain feeling and state of its owner. According to statistics, those who want to decorate their bodies prefer the red rose, which means love, health and respect.

There is a theory that the owners of the rose with a dagger experienced treason, for which they had to shed blood. More often, such a tattoo can be found in traditional (traditional) styles - old school and new school. This option is characterized by bold outlines, bright colors, lack of smooth transitions and shadows.

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Photo of a rose tattoo with a dagger on the arm

Photo of a rose tattoo with a dagger on the body