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The meaning of the ruby ​​tattoo


The ruby ​​tattoo is a favorite image of women who want to show everyone their exclusivity. It is not surprising that women often prefer to put a ruby ​​pattern on their bodies, because it is the female sex that has an increased craving for various expensive jewelry. A ruby ​​tattoo is well suited to a versatile person, since the stone has a lot of faces.

The meaning of the ruby ​​tattoo

A tattoo with this stone is a good choice for women who seek to emphasize the unsurpassed beauty of their appearance. The ruby ​​itself is a symbol of passion and great love. For European and Oriental tattoo masters, the ruby ​​has always been a sign that spoke of the exclusivity of a person. Other meanings include:

  • passion;
  • pleasure;
  • desire to live a beautiful life.

Very often, the ruby ​​is depicted with drops of blood that ooze from the stone. So a person marks the loss of a loved one who has passed away from this life. The image that is applied to the body in color looks very good. A similar picture is complemented with an inscription that carries a certain meaning, which only its owner knows about.

Places of tattooing ruby

You can often see the image of a ruby ​​with a rose... In this case, the stone itself, as a rule, is applied with black paint, and the rose is made in the classic red color. A qualified tattoo artist will be able to apply an image of this gem to the skin with a clear drawing of all its facets. A good place for tattooing in the form of a ruby ​​on the body is the area on the arm below the elbow. Sometimes you can see such a tattoo on the chest.

Photo of ruby ​​tattoo on body

Photo of ruby ​​tattoo on hand