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Horn tattoo


Horns are a very popular image among tattoo lovers. Many people like to place the horns of a deer, ram, ibex or other animals on their bodies. Such illustrations have many different interpretations as well as interesting meanings. However, trying to understand the meaning of the tattoo on which this image is visible is hardly possible on your own without specific knowledge.

The meaning of the cornucopia tattoo

The skull and horns underwear is a masculine symbol that denotes greatness and power of power. Such tattoos are often done by people who have high position in the field of their activity. Their owners are able to implement successful financial projects. This pattern can be found on the bodies of bikers. In contrast to this tattoo, there is an image of a unicorn, which is considered to be a female symbol. Many have a desire to depict a unicorn with wings on their body, which will symbolize:

  • innocence;
  • meekness;
  • beauty;
  • cleanliness;
  • happiness.

In ancient times, unicorns were believed to have magical powers. Legends say that the horn of this animal possessed healing powers that could heal a severe illness and give immortality.

People born under the sign of Aries can take a tattoo of Aries horns as a totem or ram... Despite the fact that the animal itself personifies stubbornness, its horns are the image of wisdom and masculine strength. Antlers also belong to the image of masculine strength. They mean the inner beauty of a person and his nobility. Mighty Branched Antlers gain the meaning of longevity.

In the past, this image was stuffed onto the skin with henna, which provided its wearer with financial prosperity. In the ancient period of time, such a tattoo personified the god of fertility. That is why the image of the cornucopia was always drawn with flowers and fruits that poured out from one of its sides. The owner of such a tattoo should soon get good luck, prosperity in business and increase in material wealth.

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Places of tattooing an abundance of horns

It is rare to see demon horns on the body, which often emphasize the negative aspects of the tattoo wearer's character. All such tattoos look good in three-dimensional design. This is why they can often be seen on the back or chest. Small designs can be placed on the neck, shoulder, or even behind the ear.

Photo of cornucopia tattoo on body

Photo of cornucopia tattoo on head

Photo of cornucopia tattoo on hand