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Photos tattoo roman numerals


Many people who knock out tattoos for themselves choose a theme related to Roman numerals. Of course, the numbers will be knocked out not just because the dashes and crosses look beautiful on the body.

The meaning of the Roman numeral tattoo

The applied figure will definitely have its own meaning for the owner. This can be the date of your wedding, birth, meeting, death, or whatever. Sometimes people pin their own lucky number.

It is not necessary to get the date tattoo. Each Roman numeral means some quality inherent in a person. For example, number one stands for power and leadership, while number four stands for hard work. Therefore, a person applying this or that number to the body thus creates a protective sign for himself.

Places of tattooing Roman numerals

Such tattoos look very beneficial on light skin. Often people hide such embossed dates of certain events by pinning them to themselves in the ribs or under the collarbone. Sometimes, on the contrary, they flaunt it - on the wrist, the back of the hand or the forearm.

Photos of Roman numerals tattoo on the body

Photo of Roman numerals tattoo on hand