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Rainbow tattoo


The rainbow is one of the most fascinating natural phenomena, which is distinguished not only by its beauty, but also by its fragility. Despite the fact that rainbow colors are strictly ordered, their arrangement can change in tattoos.

Rainbow tattoos have several meanings, among which the most popular are worth noting:

  1. In the countries of Scandinavia, it was previously believed that it was by the rainbow that soldiers killed in battle ascended to heaven, where they gained eternal life.
  2. In Irish folklore, there is a legend about leprechauns who hid their treasure at the end of the rainbow.
  3. Another meaning of such tattoos is the desire for friendship, joy, happiness, as well as a great love of life.
  4. Today, rainbow tattoos have become one of the attributes of people with non-traditional sexual orientation.

Very often rainbow tattoos are combined with various philosophical expressions, colors, interesting projections and geometric figures... It should be noted that the rainbow looks advantageous both separately and paired with other elements.

If you are positive and cheerful person, then the original drawing with rainbow elements will not only be a great decoration, but also a complement to your ideal body!

Photo of rainbow tattoo on body

Photo of Daddy's rainbow on his hands

Photo of rainbow tattoo on leg