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Horseshoe Tattoo


At all times, it was considered a good omen to see and pick up a horseshoe on the road. People who suddenly discovered this object, took it to themselves and hung it over the door. This was associated with great success in all matters. Today it is almost impossible to see this product on the road, because no one rides in cities for a long time.

The meaning of a horseshoe tattoo

In order to always have a talisman with them, some decide to make a horseshoe-shaped tattoo on their bodies. It suits both men and women equally well. After all, everyone in this life wants attract only the best.

If we consider the meaning of a horseshoe tattoo, then all over the world it is believed that it brings:

  • good luck;
  • wealth;
  • happiness;
  • success.

On the body you can find a horseshoe, which is drawn with horns up or down. The first version of the horseshoe tattoo denotes a filled cup, which is filled with abundance and happiness. Its shape drawing resembles a nascent month, which can be interpreted as a symbol of growing wealth. The image, in which this element is directed upward with a rounded side, also has a positive value. Such a symbol will drive away all hardships and misfortunes from a person.

Horseshoe tattoo sites

It is often placed on the back, chest, abdomen, or shoulder. It is very rare to get a tattoo on the leg to gain vigor and activity.

Many people get a horseshoe tattoo on their bodies. in the style of old skul, using bold outline and black paint. Such a picture will attract the attention of others due to its richness and solidity. It can be applied to the body as a separate element or in combination with other images. As a rule, within the framework of one tattoo, a four-leaf clover, various flowers, a star, dice and other patterns are combined.

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Photo of a horseshoe tattoo on his head

Photo of a horseshoe tattoo on the body

Photo of a horseshoe tattoo on his arm

Photo of a horseshoe tattoo on the leg