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Penguin tattoo


The penguin is used in tattoos by representatives of both sexes. Antarctic birds are made in different ways, depending on what meaning the owner puts into the image.

Love for penguins distinguishes a sincere person, trusting others... Birds from cartoons are very often used, which give the image a kind of dreaminess.

The meaning of the penguin tattoo

The word "penguin" is often used in prison tattoos. The abbreviation stands for “I'm sorry and don't be sad, there is no need to look for someone to blame”.

If a person has nothing to do with the zone, you can put your own meaning in the tattoo. After all, the penguin is a proud and wayward bird. She will give a zest to a woman's wrist.

The tattoo is not distinguished by intricacy and complexity of application, but this cute picture will become a stylish and relevant decoration. The tattoo will be a nice addition to the evening look. Also, a funny picture will constantly cheer up the owner and those around her. In addition, you can come up with your own funny meaning of the penguin tattoo.

A cartoon character is considered both male and female at the same time, it all depends on the size, shape and appearance of the bird. Men often prefer to apply realistic drawings, while women choose cartoon characters.

Penguin tattoo sites

As mentioned above, you can come up with the meaning of a penguin tattoo yourself. It doesn't have to be deeply meaningful. It is enough what role a person assigns to a tattoo in his life. Penguin tattoo mostly applied to the wrist, forearm, scapula... Most often, you can see color options. Typical color choices are black back, white tummy, and yellow beaked feet. You can also find a drawing consisting of one contour of a bird. Some people prefer to portray old-school penguins.

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Photo of penguin tattoo on head

Photo of penguin tattoo on body

Photo of penguin tattoo on hand