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Tattoos from dusk to dawn


George Clooney's tattoo, known from the movie from dusk to dawn, let's figure out what it means and where it got its fame from.

In the 90s, the tribal style gained great popularity. And in 1996, the film of the same name was released, which received great fame and, in addition, added a couple of points to the piggy banks of this tattoo.

A tattoo in this style, in the form of fiery tongues of flame, became even more famous and, as a result, spread. Since one of the main characters had it, it was made from wrist to neck, very organically fit into the film and the actor's appearance.

History of tattoo from dusk to dawn

Tribal tattoo in translation means ancient, and this is not casual, since it traces its roots from Polynesian wearable designs. For the Samoan tribes, the application of such tattoos was considered an important ritual for creating a stronger connection between the soul and body, for understanding their purpose in life, for identifying their talents, etc.

In its modern form, this style gave a second life to traditional Polynesian underwear painting.

Tattoos from dusk to dawn for men

In ancient times, such chaotic lines, similar to tongues of flame, were applied in order to protect the war from danger and give it strength. And the fire implied on such a tattoo was supposed to cleanse the owner and serve as a guiding fire for him. So now it is applied to determine their vitality and their destiny. The symbol of fire shows its strength and charisma, making the wearer passionate and courageous.

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Tattoos from dusk to dawn for women

For a woman, the style of fire, depicted in the form of black curved, abrupt lines, will give more temperament and willpower.

A distinctive feature of such tattoos is that they look equally dignified on both a man and a woman.

Places of tattooing from dusk to dawn

If the goal is to create a similar image with the hero of Clooney, then, of course, the best place would be:

  • sleeve (from wrist to neck);
  • back;
  • chest;
  • neck;
  • legs.

Often such tattoos are done with the transition from one part of the body to another, thereby spreading the pattern to almost the entire body.

Photo of a tattoo from dusk to dawn on the head

Photo of tattoos from dusk to dawn on hands

Photo of tattoo from dusk to dawn on the legs

Photo of tattoo from dusk to dawn on the body