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Marilyn Monroe tattoo


Marilyn Monroe tattoos are very popular today, more than 50 years after the death of the actress. Such a tattoo can be found not only among ordinary fans of a woman who has become a world sex symbol, but also among many famous people.

For example, the famous Hollywood actress Megan Fox for many years flaunted with the image of Marilyn Monroe on her body, but recently brought it together.

The meaning of the Marilyn Monroe tattoo

The reasons for the appearance of a Marilyn Monroe tattoo may be the following:

  1. The desire to show your interest in creativity and personality of a popular actressas well as the era of the 50s.
  2. Bring sex appeal and attractiveness to your image.
  3. Create a real masterpiece on the body, using the famous photo with Marilyn as a sketch.

At the moment, tattoo artists use a large number of sketches for tattoos with a famous actress. For example, a tattoo can be as realistic as possible, stylized, etc. Often, the owners of such wearable images deviate far from the standard image of Marilyn, making her gothic makeup or a skull instead of a face.

Places of tattooing Marilyn Monroe

Colored tattoos are very popular, since they will be able to convey the fullness of the image of the great actress. The size of such a body pattern can be practically any - from a few centimeters to an image on the whole back.

In conclusion, it should be said that in fact, a tattoo with Monroe, despite the limitations, can be made unique, using imagination to the maximum.

Photo of Marilyn Monroe tattoo on the body

Photo of Marilyn Monroe tattoo on hand

Photo of Marilyn Monroe tattoo on the leg