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Tattoo inscription "Love wins"


Recently, most people have quite changed their attitude towards tattoos. Drawing or writing on the body has ceased to be a privilege only for persons from the criminal world.

Nowadays, tattoos have become regarded as one of the varieties of such an art as body art. Those who are going to get themselves a tattoo are quite serious about their choice. Many people want the phrase, embossed on his body, to retain its meaning and be relevant even after many years.

The theme of love is just one of those themes that will never lose their relevance. Wing phrases and aphorisms about love in Latin are now quite popular among tattoo lovers. The text itself is filled with a beautiful font and this makes the tattoo even more unique.

There are infinitely many quotes about love, everyone chooses for himself what he considers closer to him personally. For example, the inscription in Latin "Love conquers all" or Amor vincit omnia. Usually it means that a person lives with the knowledge that it is love that will help him overcome all adversity.

Love tattoos are considered intimate and are often applied to closed parts of the body. For example, on the back, it is the perfect place to apply such a phrase. In addition, in most cases, the bare back of a person is inaccessible to prying eyes.

Photo tattoo inscription "Love wins" on the body

Photo tattoo inscription "Love wins" on the arm