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Tattooed lily


Flowers for tattoos are chosen mainly by girls. What could be more gentle and innocent than a flower. However, some flowers may have the opposite meaning.

As for the lily of the valley, everything is simple and predictable here. It is a symbol of purity, tenderness and femininity. It is often used in bridal bouquets.

Features of flower tattoos

  • The tattoo can be either color or black and white, large or small.
  • You can place it anywhere.
  • The dimensions must correspond to the place of application. Let's say a large colored drawing looks tasteless on the inner surface of the hand.
  • Color solutions can go away from the white-green colors of the lily of the valley. Many leave only the bells, and the rest is either an intricate background or a pattern.

Among other things, a lily of the valley tattoo symbolizes love, family values, mutual understanding between spouses, and a strong marriage union. Many recommend this drawing to unmarried girls who are looking for their soul mate.

Lily of the valley is a very interesting flower. A sensual strong scent is hidden behind small white flowers, which gradually unfolds. For a girl, this delicate flower can mean that for modesty and tenderness hides a passionate nature, capable of deep and stormy feelings.

Photo of a tiger lily on the head

Photo tattoo on the body

Photo of a tiger lily on hand

Photo of a tiger lily on the leg