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Water lily tattoo


Lotuses and water lilies have been used very often as a tattoo lately. Tenderness, showiness, beautiful appearance - all these are the characteristic features of the plant.

Unfortunately, only a few owners of such tattoos think about the meaning of the drawings on their bodies.

Despite the fact that both lotus, and water lilies are very similar to each other, they have different meanings. For example, the lotus, which is often associated with eastern countries, denotes the unity of light and darkness, the embodiment of rigor and sophistication.

Images of water lilies are more common among Europeans who are fond of tattoos. People who choose water lilies in various versions as a sketch believe that these plants are not only the embodiment of the beauty of life, but also the connection between the past and the present.

In most cases, a water lily tattoo is a complete composition, as this beautiful flower does not require any additions.

In addition, some owners of such tattoos decorate water lilies with interesting inscriptions or create real landscapes that are simply mesmerizing!

Water lily tattoos, the meaning of which can be varied, are done on the shoulder blades, back, forearms, neck, chest, abdomen.

Photo of a water lily tattoo on the body

Photo of water lily tattoo on hand

Photo of a water lily tattoo on the leg