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Dice tattoo


Nowadays, the image on the body of symbols and illustrations that are meaningful to the owner is widespread. The symbolism of some is rooted in antiquity, while others are filled with individual meaning. So the tattoo of cubes has many-sided meanings.


Dice are associated with gambling and are often the tattoo of choice for gamblers. They want to attract good luck in this way. Dice tattoos symbolize fortune not only in the game, but also in life.

Cubes are still used today to help make difficult decisions. The lot is mentioned more than once in the Bible. In this way, people are playing turns or making other fair choices. It is believed that by lot, you can know God's will.

The tattoo of cubes looks aesthetically pleasing in a single design and fits perfectly into a large composition. Due to its small size, such an image can be easily applied to any place. More often the youth chooses the illustration of the cubes.

Rubik's Cube

Another option for the image of cubes is a rubik cube. It is chosen to be applied to the body much less often, so a Rubik's cube tattoo is more unique. The drawing is attractive with bright colors. Each person puts a deep individual meaning into the wearable image. It can symbolize:

  • Wisdom, ingenuity, intelligence.
  • Perseverance, perseverance.
  • Inclination to non-standard decisions, the ability to make them.

In any case, the interpretation of the cubes still has a free meaning. First of all, it is an artistic image that can be performed in various unique styles.

Photo of cubes tattoo on head

Photo of tattoo cubes on the body

Photo of tattoo cubes on the arm

Photo of tattoo cubes on the leg