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5 dots on the arm tattoo meaning


Further in the article we will talk about the meaning and meaning of the tattoo, which represents 5 points and is applied to the arm. Who does it and why?

What is the meaning of the 5 dots tattoo on the arm?

This tattoo resembles one side of a game cube, where 5 dots are drawn. Four points are located at the corners of an imaginary square, and one point is in the middle. Any prisoner knows that the owner of such a tattoo is a former prisoner. Only a person who has spent at least a day in a cell can make such a tattoo. In other cases, this will be negatively perceived both by the "thieves" world and by the police.
At the same time, its interpretation can be completely different and contradictory:

  1. The first option means that the person (the point that is in the middle) is surrounded by loyal friends, which is his protection.
  2. The second option means the opposite: the person is not surrounded by friends, but by prison walls, which symbolizes defenselessness and loneliness.

Who wears 5 dot tattoos?

These tattoos are worn by men who have served their sentences in prison.
Of course, in ordinary life, in the wild, such a tattoo can be made by any person who does not in any way belong to the "thieves'" law. But if a question arises from "comrades" who know about this tattoo firsthand, then it is necessary to firmly and confidently explain what meaning this tattoo has for you. In no case should you reward yourself with a "non-existent past" and rank yourself among those who have served a sentence. It is easy to check, yes, and problems after such a lie cannot be avoided.

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Where are the five points packed?

The "Five Dots" tattoo is stamped on the back of the hand at the base of the thumb.
Very often it can be found between the thumb and forefinger.
As a rule, it is not stuffed with a typewriter, but with a simple needle, which is called a "bag" among the prisoners.

Should I get such a tattoo?

With the advent of the great popularity of tattoos and their variety, most people do not even think about their origin. They fill in an incomprehensible picture or symbol that seems mysterious and attractive to them, but at the same time they do not understand what it can mean, where it came from, what meaning it carries.
If you meet a person with such a tattoo, then this can mean two things: either the person got the tattoo and does not know its meaning, or in front of you is a former prisoner who knows firsthand about the imprisonment. But whether you need to pretend that you know about it and you are another question.

Photo of 5 dots tattoo on head

Photo of 5 point tattoo on body

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