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family tattoo


The English word "family" is translated into Russian as "family". Such a drawing, which is performed in the form of an inscription, is suitable for all people, except, probably, those for whom this topic is painful, for example, for orphans.

Family tattoo meaning

The translation speaks for itself. Such tattoos are mainly beaten by those who:

  1. They love their family and respect its members, regardless of internal quarrels, personal grievances, disagreements and similar things to this list;
  2. We are always ready to protect relatives, to sacrifice ourselves for them: there is hardly anything more important for the owners of a family tattoo than their loved ones;
  3. They put family in the forefront, work and money are far from the main thing for them.

The primary goal is to maintain good relationships with parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, and so on. And also these people for the most part strive to get married, have their own children and take care of their children (grandchildren), and, possibly, great-grandchildren. This is the most important thing for a person who has a family image on his own.

Where to beat such tattoos

If the future owner of the family inscription wants to show all the people around him his good attitude towards his family, love towards his relatives, then it is best to place such a drawing on his hand - the most open place, so most will be able to see the tattoo.

If the family is something sacred for someone who wants to fill such an image, something that does not need to be advertised is ideal, for example, the collarbone or the back.

It would be a bad idea to depict family on the leg, because many people associate this part of the body with something dirty, humiliating. In addition, the inscription will have to be placed either horizontally around, but because of this it will be difficult to read. Or vertically, which will also be an inconvenient place to read.

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Photo of family tattoo on head

Photo of a family tattoo on the body

Photo of family tattoo on hands