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What does a crystal tattoo mean?


Gemstones carry a lot of energy. Each of them has a specific meaning. The most common crystals are diamonds, rubies, topaz. Crystal tattoos are often chosen by people who are firm and purposeful, who know their own worth. Often, an image of their stone is placed on the body, trying to attract good luck, using it as a talisman.

The meaning of a crystal tattoo

Crystals have unique properties, they have an integral structure of amazing strength. If you expose the crystal to the sun's rays, the glare will begin to play on the stone, emitting a bright light. Because of this phenomenon in ancient times, people deified the crystal, linking it with the God of the Sun.

Buddhists put special value into the crystal, symbolizing it with a spiritual beginning. As a worship of the crystals, the throne and scepter of the Buddha, which are tantric symbols, are adorned with diamonds. Ruby crystals are applied to the body by unique individuals who want to celebrate their uniqueness and superiority.

A crystal tattoo is done by people with the following character traits:

  • Personal integrity.
  • Hardness of character.
  • The power of the spirit.
  • Uniqueness, exclusivity.
  • Consistency.

Crystal tattoo sites

If you look at a photo of a crystal tattoo, you can see how unique the images can be, how colorful and stylish they are. The small size allows you to apply the image to any part of the body. Those wishing to have a unique tattoo can create their own sketch of the crystal, which the tattoo artist will apply to the skin.

The question of what a crystal tattoo means can only be answered by its owner, who has put his own meaning into the drawing. The crystal belongs to the unisex tattoo, as it does not have gender and age restrictions.

Photo of a crystal tattoo on the head

Photo of a crystal tattoo on the body

Photo of a crystal tattoo on the arm

Photo of a crystal tattoo on the leg