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Tattoo cassette


Progress does not stand still, and things that are familiar to us quickly become obsolete.

For example, a cassette tattoo after a few decades will become an original and exotic pattern, if it is not already one. This is almost vintage!

Sometimes inscriptions that are significant to the owner are applied near the image. Often these are the names of groups, the names of your favorite performers.

The meaning of the tattoo cassette

The meaning of the tattoo cassette has two decryptions. The first of them is a drawing by a music lover, symbolizing man's love for music... Possible execution in the form of a cassette tape forming an intricate one-word pattern.

Part of the phrase is placed on the cassette itself. The second is a vintage tattoo, a reminder of the time when music was recorded on tape. Tattoo cassette - personal and intimate image, testimony the importance of points related to audio devices.

Music lovers who have such a tattoo can give it a unique look with the help of special paints that glow in ultraviolet light. Such a pattern looks unusual at discos and concerts.

It is worth saying that tattoos with images of cassettes are quite rare and indicate experienced music connoisseurs.

Photo cassette tattoo on the body

Photo of cassette tattoo on hand

Photo of cassette tattoo on head

Photo of tattoo cassette on the leg