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Jasmine flower tattoo


The meaning of a tattoo depicting a jasmine is easy to understand without historical reference: this beautiful flower is associated with all, without exception, with femininity and tenderness.

The meaning of the jasmine tattoo

The jasmine tattoo also hints at the mystery of its mistress: this flower is revealed exclusively at night... Perhaps this is why the Secret Orders in Ancient China chose jasmine as their symbol. In addition, it was considered curative, giving health and longevity.

In Christianity, jasmine denotes all the virtues of a woman: purity, purity and modesty. Girls who choose a jasmine flower as a tattoo most likely have all these qualities.

In Indonesia, this flower is also considered a symbol of purity: it must be an adornment for every bride, speaking of her modesty and purity. Jasmine was also not ignored in Persia - there, thanks to its wonderful aroma, it is considered not just a beautiful flower, but the king of all flowers. It was there that the female name Yasmin appeared, which means "fragrant flower".

The jasmine tattoo can also be considered a symbol of wisdom - it was with it, according to Greek legends, that this flower was endowed with women who weaved it into braids. In addition, thanks to the Italian tale of a gardener who violated the order of the duke and, having cut off fragrant white flowers in the master's garden, presented them to his beloved, jasmine also considered a symbol of love... The image of jasmine not only protects loving people from various adversities, but also helps them to cope with all the obstacles that stand in the way of happiness.

Place for tattoo

Floral designs work well for any part of the body, but there are several areas that are most suitable for a jasmine tattoo:

  • back (shoulder blades);
  • clavicle;
  • wrist;
  • ankle.
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Plus, a symmetrical jasmine flower will look good on your lower back. Some girls prefer to see a bracelet of small flowers around the ankle or bicep.

When choosing a place for such a tattoo, you should proceed from how you are ready to demonstrate the drawing to others. The collarbones and wrists are often open and immediately noticeable. The pattern applied to the back or ankle, if necessary, can be easily hidden under clothing. This is especially important for those who work in government agencies, or in companies whose dress code does not approve of the presence of tattoos.

Photo of jasmine tattoo on body

Photo of daddy jasmine on his hands