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Tattoo iguana


Did you know that the word "tattoo" has Polynesian roots? It comes from the Tahitian dialect, where the term "tatau" - drawing exists.

As a rule, the Polynesians meant images on the body, and they were considered sacred. Only the priests, the most revered people of the tribe, had the right to apply images to the skin.

And some of the drawings had to be earned, for example, with special strength and dexterity during the hunt.

The meaning of the iguana tattoo

Most of the drawings had a specific meaning. For example, iguana tattoos were applied mainly by warriors. After all, it meant strength, power, stamina and determination.

Tattoos were exclusively a man's privilege. Women were forbidden to do this, and the process itself was painful and lengthy. It was believed that the tattoo should be applied immediately. Taking a break can lead to unhappiness and grief in the family.

The iguana tattoo was also known in other countries. In Greece, she symbolized rhetoric and trade, thanks to dexterity, resourcefulness and cunning. For the Indians, the lizard meant fertility, for the Egyptians, wisdom and luck.

The Africans revered her as a mediator in resolving controversial issues, as a messenger of peace.

The Slavs endowed her with the ability to warn about the danger of the protagonist of the legends. But among the Romans, the iguana is a symbol of death and resurrection. In Australians, it leads to adultery and family unhappiness. The main thing is to choose the decryption that appeals to you the most.

Now this lizard considered smart and resourceful. She will help you find a way out of any situation. Having applied a tattoo with an iguana to your body, you can hope for his patronage in choosing the most profitable solution to problems.

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Iguana tattoo sites

More often, the image is applied to open areas of the body. The places where this image is most often stuffed:

  • back;
  • shoulders;
  • legs;
  • neck;
  • wrist.

She is very popular among young people.

Photo of an iguana tattoo on the head

Photo of a tattoo iguana on a calf

Photo of an iguana tattoo on his hands

Photo of an iguana tattoo on its feet